Why Prefer Diamond Turned Plastic Lenses?

In the past few years diamond turned products have seen a vast growth. Telescope designs, video projectors, missile guidance system, infrared tracking systems -all are an example of this. The companies basically take the advantage of the superior accuracy of diamond turning. Aspheric lens are used to correct spherical aberration. There are various companies that manufacture diamond turned plastic lenses. Some of them even have the capability to offer custom designed diamond turned injection molded prototypes, thin film and medical, analytical biomedical instrument.

Choosing The Best Company

The companies are always ready to work with their clients. They create high performance. The different methods of manufacturing diamond turned lens are single point diamond turning, injection molding and thin film coating. These are the various processes involved. The company should have a proper metrology which is required to control performance and quality while producing optics. There is no reasonable way to asses this apart from this. So, choosing the best company for diamond turned products is now easy for you.

Make sure the company has a project management team for communicating with the clients. The team is supposed to look after the needs of the clients by solving their problems and queries. Advanced equipment, good quality service, reduced costing of tools- these facilities should be there in the company that you choose because the product also needs to be affordable for you. These facilities will also improve the conditions of service and enhance reliability.

Why Plastic Optics?

Plastic optics is preferred because of its advantages. Cost, weight, versatility advantages make the plastic optics the best. Companies try to use the latest technologies for the development of lens design, thin film coating, single point diamond turning, and optical engineering and so on. The manufacturers produce optical components such as reflectors, mirrors, spheres, parabolics, cylinders, and many more.

Plastic optics is preferred because the costing is reduced here. The prototyping is inexpensive with single point diamond turning. The cost is further reduced by using materials less costly than glass and reduced assembly cost. The second advantage is that the plastic optics is light in weight. The materials used are such that their specific gravities are lower than that of crown glass. It is more versatile. It is more difficult to produce an aspheric lens than spherical lens out of glass. Aspheric lenses are used as they provide good optical correction.

Plastic lenses can also be coated. Different types of coatings can be applied on it which will ultimately improve abrasion resistance and decrease reflections. Anti- fog and mirror coating are also used. So these were the benefits of plastic optics. So, these optics are preferred to any other optics because of the mentioned advantages.

After reading this article, you will get to know that why plastic optics is preferred. You will also have a lot of knowledge about the plastic lenses which will be useful to you. Now you know how to choose the best company of your requirement. There should not be any confusion regarding this matter as it is clearly stated in the article.

Most Common Methods For Diamond Turned Plastic Lenses

Precision is the most important factor considered in optics making manufacturers. Many of them have come up with new innovative ideas and solutions to produce quality product. Custom made plastic lenses are provided on special order to a range of consumers- from diamond turned to thin film with reflective coatings. Different methods are used to make various types of optics by experts. They specialize in making moulded aspheric lenses, mirrors and diffractive optics.

The optic manufacturers can also provide custom designed diamond turned and injection molded prototypes, reflective coatings and in LED lighting, medical, biomedical and analytical instruments. There are various companies providing different types of services. Most of them are ready to offer good services to their clients. Diamond turned aspheric prototype lenses are also produced. The aspheric lenses are used to correct spherical aberration.

Different Methods Involved

The Single point diamond turning lets you to approve your optical design by making a polymer optic for testing. It is one of the very common methods of Diamond turning. Another one is Injection molding. It is a very efficient method which produces optics along with complex geometric surfaces. They are produced in order to employ integrated mounting features to one platform. Therefore, they can be molded according to the volume requirements.

Thin film coating is applied on your polymer optics with the process of physical vapour deposition techniques. Metrology is also important in order to control the performance and quality when optics is produced. Advanced equipment is needed to improve the reliability and the services of the lab.


Services Provided By Companies

Companies provide some additional services. The optics manufacturing engineers are very hardworking. Often, the companies assign a Project Management team that deals with the clients. They are a mode of communication. The team assists the clients to the fullest and solve any kinds of queries. The companies differ from one another. They are several companies you can find online. Check the services offered by them and choose accordingly. The one that provides minimized tool costing, quality service and high accuracy are more reliable.

An optical system that consists of more elements can affect both optical and mechanical parameters negatively. This will result in tighter mechanical tolerances, additional alignment procedures and increased anti-reflection coating requirements. This will ultimately reduce the entire system design costs. So asphere lenses have many benefits. Plastic optics is preferred because the cost is reduced.   Another advantage of the aspheric lens is that it very light weighted. These types of optics are very versatile. Aspheric lens are suggested because they allow a good deal of optical correction. They can also be coated.

So, after reading the article you will come to know about the common methods for diamond turned plastic lenses. Also, you will have a good idea about the services provided by the different companies. Therefore it will be easier for you to choose a company after reading the entire thing carefully. You are thus advised to choose correctly and properly because the ultimate decision will be taken by you